The following are personal statements from prominent members of the community and those who know and have worked with Bill Brand personally.

“Councilman Brand has been a strong advocate for the environment and a champion for business.  I endorse him for the next Mayor of Redondo Beach.”







“I trust Bill Brand to stand up and fight for Redondo Beach and our quality of life in the South Bay.  That is why I endorse Bill Brand for Mayor.”
Al Muratsuchi, State Assembly Member, 66th District
Council Member Brand always fights for the residents – often in the face of powerful self-interests. As our next Mayor, Redondo Beach will be in good hands.

“Bill Brand is the one I trust…and (he) will lead accordingly to collaborate with our shared impacts and services.


“Mr. Brand has tenaciously defended Redondo Beach against years of overdevelopment plans anywhere in the City – often as the lone voice in defense of our community, culture and way of life. I’m proud to endorse Bill Brand as our next Mayor.” 


“Bill leads with integrity and principle, and has earned the respect of many throughout the South Bay. He brings honor and class back to Redondo Beach politics.” 

Nil Nehrenheim, Candidate for City Council, District 1

“Bill led the Council motion to reduce the Legado project from 145 units to 115 – the legal standard.  He’s demonstrated the fortitude required in local government to keep the small town feel of Redondo Beach.  I endorse him as our next Mayor.”


“I’ve managed Bill’s campaign finances for three elections and he has always refused large donations from developers, City contractors and leaseholders. He demonstrates refreshing integrity that is sorely lacking in politics.” 


“Bill Brand has been working tirelessly to protect our quality of life since 2002. Redondo Beach needs a new Mayor.  Bill’s vision, integrity, and dedication to residents is something we absolutely need. I strongly endorse Bill for Mayor. If you care about Redondo and your quality of life, vote for Bill.”
Jim Light
District 1

“I cannot think of someone more dedicated to preserving the culture and true gem that is the community of Redondo Beach than Bill Brand. His hours of work so far to improve our city and his unflagging work have proven to me that Bill Brand should be in a position to make decisions about what happens in Redondo Beach — not a group of realtors, developers, and others simply looking for a way to pad their bank account. Thanks Bill!
Lisa Moretti
Redondo Beach Resident

Bill Brand is the model leader!  He is a person that cares for every member in his community.  He strives for open communication, fairness, security and builds trust among the community.  His dedication to our children, our health and our community in general is unmatched.   In times where trustworthy politicians are a rare breed, it is nice to know that Bill Brand is here serving my local community providing the insight, drive and leadership we need.

Scott Kaplan

Redondo has been fortunate to have Bill Brand on our city council. I am so impressed with his intelligence, ability to solve problems and tireless effort in bettering our community. He leads with integrity and principle and has earned the respect of so many people throughout the South Bay. Bill Brand brings honor and class back to Redondo Beach politics. I am one of the many Redondo Beach Republicans proud to be voting for Bill Brand.

Sheri Patterson 

I whole-heartedly endorse incumbent District 2 Councilmember, Bill Brand, in his bid for Mayor.  His “big picture” approach and 100% accessibility to the entire constituency of Redondo Beach is the type of integrity, conviction and representation we need.  That he is conscientious, aware, and courageous enough to sometimes stand alone at the city council in support of the citizens, continues to make him the rare and much-appreciated standout councilman in our city.

Jane McDowall

Bill Brand is the epitome of a true public servant; dedicating his time and energy to making Redondo Beach a more livable community for his constituents and the South Bay.  This is his primary focus and he excels at it.    He always remembers that his constituents come first, not monied special interests.  He brings the highest levels of intelligence, thoughtfulness, integrity, honor and leadership to his position, something that we sorely need more of in public service today.  Redondo Beach has benefited from Bill’s past service on the City Council and thankfully Bill is running for office again.  I enthusiastically endorse Bill Brand for re-election to the Redondo Beach  City Council.

Jim Montgomery

Bill has really fought for the residents of Redondo Beach.  His tireless and selfless efforts have been an inspiration to citizens to not be passive in their community.

Marie and Matt Puterbaugh

Those Endorsing Bill Brand for Mayor Include…

  • Janice Hahn – Los Angeles County Supervisor, District 4
  • Al Muratsuchi – State Assembly Member, 66th District (Redondo Beach)
  • Stephen Sammarco – Redondo Beach City Council Member – Dist. 4
  • Hany Fangary – Mayor Hermosa Beach, CA
  • Stacey Armato – Hermosa Beach Council Member
  • David Witkin – Redondo Beach School Board Member
  • Betsy Butler – former State Assembly Member
  • Nanette Barragan, U.S. Congresswoman – 44th District
  • David Witkin – Redondo Beach Unified School Board
  • Brad Waller
  • Michael Christensen
  • Brad Serkin
  • Nils Nehrenheim – Redondo Beach City Council Candidate – Dist.1
  • Todd Loewenstein – Former RBUSD School Board President
  • Amy Howorth – Manhattan Beach City Council Member
  • Jim and Pat Light
  • Dawn & Dirk Esser
  • Sheri & Grant Patterson
  • Dean & Deanne DiMascio
  • Melanie Cohen
  • John McGanty
  • Lezlie Campeggi
  • Vince Tipaldo
  • Rob Gaddis
  • Tom & Margaret Campbell
  • Dean & Nancy Curtain
  • Mary Ewell
  • Cheryl Tchir
  • Michael Stewart
  • Dan Buck
  • Kathy & Jim Mcleod
  • Maureen Lewis
  • Matthew Hoffman
  • June Armstrong
  • Bobbi Nyebdedash
  • Janice Weir
  • Nadine and Al Meissner
  • Kelly & Tim Charles
  • Gary & Carol Thompson
  • John Pike
  • Mimi & Andrew Andersen
  • Gale & Jeff Hazeltine
  • Don Vangeloff
  • Linda & Rob Moffat
  • Joan Riley
  • Dr. R. Brodsky
  • Rob Chapman
  • Paul Schlichting
  • Michael Keegan – former Hermosa Beach City Council
  • Mitch Ward – former Mayor, Manhattan Beach
  • Pat Wickens – former Budget & Finance Commissioner
  • Gary Ohst – former Budget & Finance Commissioner
  • Dave Wiggins – former President, Redondo Beach School Board
  • Vickie Callahan
  • Fred and Suzanne Reardon
  • Dr. Sanford Davidson
  • Roy & Flo Smith
  • Jeff & Christie Forshey
  • Peter & Analis Meier
  • Sandy Pringle
  • Florence Swiger
  • Bill & Barbara Busch
  • Charlie Force
  • Jane Affonso
  • Randy Earp
  • Bill Scully
  • Steve Carey
  • Jim Vaught
  • Tracy Robison
  • Lori Russell
  • Joan Davidson – former Executive Board, Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • Jim Tortorelli
  • George Haney
  • Barry Stark
  • Wendy Pratt
  • Delia Vechi
  • Gemma Scharfenberger
  • Thelma Musik
  • Tom Rooney
  • Lisa Moretti
  • Sallie and Thom Cintron
  • Alexander and Dolores Starr