“Prioritizing Our Quality of Life Instead of Over-development” “I’m inspired by the potential of what Redondo Beach can become, North and South, and inspired by the residents who are working so hard to protect our quality of life.”

Proposed CenterCal Harbor Restoration
The CenterCal project for King Harbor is an abomination. For years I’ve wanted to revitalize King Harbor because we all know it needs it, but never did I imagine doubling development, doubling traffic, building on the Seaside Lagoon, blocking views all along Harbor Dr. with a 45’ parking structure next to movie theatres and cramming every public use we built the Harbor for on Mole B.
AES Powerplant and Future Use of the Property–
Redondo Beach should be leading the effort to rezone the entire waterfront, including the proposed CenterCal site and the AES property. We, together, need to develop a vision that embraces what is unique about our town and establish a zoning that achieves that vision. Then select a developer that agrees to execute it. Not the other way around, as has already happened with CenterCal. A mall developer created the current vision you see for King Harbor, with the full support of Mayor Aspel. He even appeared in the promotional video.
North Redondo
Lets talk about North Redondo. It needs revitalizing as well. Particularly the Galleria. Unfortunately, the Galleria is currently zoned for mixed-use that allows 35 condos/apartments per acre, plus any affordable housing density bonus. Just like Legado Former Bristol Farms) and Sea-breeze in District 1, the developer is planning to roll out another huge project that will bring tremendous impacts to those neighborhoods.

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Sued, for the fourth time…. Here is the lawsuit!

Yes, its true, CenterCal supporters are now suing their neighbors in civil court to make life difficult for them. Its all baseless ticky-tack campaign filing details that have no merit, but we still have to hire lawyers and pay filing fees. They actually named me personally, my campaign, and even the volunteer Treasurer of my […]

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Councilman Brand vs. Mayor Steve Aspel

Many areas in Redondo Beach need revitalizing: the Galleria, King Harbor, old Bristol Farms site and Artesia Blvd.  But they need revitalizing, not super sizing.  Council Member Brand and Mayor Aspel have offered two very different approaches over the last 15 years.  Brand is the slow-growth candidate, Aspel has been pushing BIG projects.  Here’s an […]

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Redondo Beach is ‘Park Poor’

Redondo Beach is ‘Park Poor’ Plentiful and well maintained open space and parks are a critical component in the livability of a City. More parks means a healthier population, happier and calmer kids, lower rates of chronic diseases like diabetes and yes, higher property values, lease rates, hotel room rates and an overall better climate […]

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The following are personal statements from prominent members of the community and those who know and have worked with Bill Brand personally.

Janice Hahn
Janice Hahn

Los Angeles County Supervisor

“Councilman Brand has been a strong advocate for the environment and a champion for business. I endorse him for the next Mayor of Redondo Beach.”



“I trust Bill Brand to stand up and fight for Redondo Beach and our South Bay quality of life. That is why I endorse Bill Brand for Mayor.”



“Mr. Brand has tenaciously defended Redondo Beach against years of overdevelopment plans anywhere in the City – often as the lone voice in defense of our community, culture and way of life. I’m proud to endorse Bill Brand as our next Mayor.”

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Bill Brand would like to communicate with you directly and welcomes all positive and constructive feedback, questions and concerns from local residents. If you would like to reach Bill Brand directly, please contact him via one of the following:

125 South Broadway Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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E-mail: Phone:(310) 809-4405