Ending Tax-Payer Subsides of Chamber of Commerce

Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce is the only chamber in the South Bay that receives funding directly from the City – projected to be $700,000 this year. No other chamber in the South Bay including Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach or El Segundo receives funding directly from their City. They operate on membership dues and special events. Plus, our Chamber operates a political action committee that receives funds directly from the Chamber. The Chamber PAC then supports candidates like Mayor Aspel, who push the same overdevelopment agenda both have been advocating for for many years.

To connect the dots for you:
Mayor Aspel votes for tax-payer subsidy to Chamber – Chamber gives money to Chamber PAC – Chamber PAC gives money to Mayor Aspel’s campaign – $500 in 2013.

I have never even been offered a donation in my three campaigns as a Council Member. They know who plays their game and who doesn’t.

Most chambers of commerce serve an important role assisting new and current businesses in town with achieving success. And they educate and advocate for policies that are favorable to business. I have no issue with that purpose, but I strongly object to any chamber, like Redondo’s, receiving tax-payer subsidies which are then directed to political causes. $700,000 would go a long way to fund more police an fire personnel, or other much needed City services.

As the next Mayor, I will be advocating an end to this subsidy, and redirection of those taxes dollars back to the public and more pressing needs, like more police in our neighborhoods. Mayor Aspel supports this subsidy, and has made no such commitment to end this this outrageous subsidy.

In fact, you can bet Mayor Aspel, awarded ‘Man of the Year’ by our Chamber in 2008, will fight to continue this ridiculous waste of tax payer funds. Next time you see Mayor Aspel, ask him what the Chamber of Commerce is going to do with the $1.5 million of your money they have built-up in reserve because of the excess monies paid to them over the years. Last time the Chamber answered this question in public they indicated they wanted to buy a building. Outrageous!