Measure C was written by residents for residents to ensure balanced revitalization of our waterfront. Don’t fall for fear mongering from those desperate to convert our beloved harbor into a mall.

Measure C doesn’t require new taxes or prevent a public-private partnership.  A City consultant presented multiple financing methods that don’t increase taxes.  Measure C doesn’t require a $20M acre-sized swimming pool or an uninhabited island in the harbor.  These are ludicrous, extreme misinterpretations designed to coerce you to vote against balanced revitalization.

The current mall plan more than doubles traffic and development, creates a view-blocking wall of development along Harbor Drive, eliminates recreational use parking, creates a dangerous boat ramp and bike path, forces toddlers to play in contaminated harbor waters, and paves over a public park for a mall access road.  Supporters deceptively claim 11 acres of open space, but that represents sidewalks, landscaping, and amenities that exist at any modern outdoor mall.  Their plan actually decreases usable public parkland.

Measure C enforces what Measure G proponents promised:  preserved views from Harbor Drive and a balance between additional development and use of the harbor as an actual harbor. It requires preservation or enhancement of public safety, views, and recreational uses.  It allows revitalization while preventing supersizing.

Don’t succumb to scare tactics and manipulative rhetoric.  We can revitalize without supersizing.  

Save our beloved harbor.  Vote YES on Measure C.