Many areas in Redondo Beach, like the Galleria, are zoned to allow as many as 35 residential units per acre.  And if affordable housing is a component of the new development, the density and height allowed is even greater as required by State law.

Residential development of this type is too dense for our town.  It increases traffic and costs the City more than it brings in from property taxes.  Redondo Beach only receives 16.7% of the property taxes we pay.  The total returned does not cover our costs for police, fire, public works or the many critical needs we have in order to operate as a healthy city

I have fought since 2008 for Redondo Beach to reduce this zoning to something similar to R-3 neighborhoods (17 units/acre), and have never received the needed support on the Council. Mayor Aspel has consistently stonewalled my efforts by playing dumb, or outright opposing this important change. As a result, developers like Legado spend millions on property with this zoning and then go on to propose huge projects that are BIG traffic generators and out of character with our town. Redondo needs a new Mayor and Council to make this simple change a reality. Vote for Bill Brand for Mayor and support City Council candidates like Nils Neherenheim, Todd Loewenstein and Suzy Royds to protect Redondo Beach from the over-development philosophies that will ruin what little small town feel we have left.