The CenterCal project for King Harbor is an abomination.  For years I’ve wanted to revitalize King Harbor because we all know it needs it, but never did I imagine doubling development, doubling traffic, building on the Seaside Lagoon, blocking views all along Harbor Dr. with a 45’ parking structure next to movie theatres and cramming every public use we built the Harbor for on Mole B.

This proposed project is larger than Plaza El Segundo, and almost as large the Del Amo Mall renovation that includes a new Nordstrom, and would be the 6th retail shopping mall within a 5 mile radius of Redondo Beach.

Most importantly, I seriously doubt the economic feasibility of this project.  The impacts and the risks are understated, and the benefits are overstated.  This could be the biggest white elephant the South Bay has ever seen.  And we will be stuck with it for a very long time.

Yes, of course, our waterfront needs revitalizing, and we can accomplish that with much less growth.   But we should not be accepting a very risky project brought to us by a mall developer because that’s all that is before us.

As mayor, I will not just listen to the residents,  I will  implement their wishes.  Obviously, CenterCal has not that, otherwise you would not have appeals, initiatives and lawsuits looming.  It is not  a small minority of residents opposing this project who are against everything.   It is a solid majority of Redondo residents, and South Bay residents in fact, who long to see Redondo revitalized without turning it into another failed over-development project.

So, obviously, as the Council Member representing this District, I cannot pretend I have not made up my mind and can fairly sit as an impartial party to the quasi-judicial process weighing the Final Environmental Impact Report and development.

As part of my recusal, I call on my colleagues who have clearly made up their minds to vote for this project including; Mayor Aspel and Council Members Horvath and Emdee,.  They should recuse themselves as well.  Mayor Aspel appeared in the CenterCal promotional video, Council Member Emdee gave a presentation at the Independent Cities Association conference in Carlsbad last June talking about how great the project will be, and attended the Hermosa Council meeting in support of CenterCal President Fred Bruning as he presented their plan.

All have clearly demonstrated that they will be voting for this project ahead of the quasi-judicial hearing.