Bill Brand was elected to the Redondo Beach City Council in March of 2009.

He first became involved in Redondo Beach city issues when the Planning Commission approved the “Heart of the City” plan in 2001.  For those of you that are not familiar, this plan called for
3,000 condos to be built on the site of the AES power plant.  He strongly opposed this huge development plan and helped gather signatures for the two referendums it took to stop it.

Since this time, Bill has educated himself about the workings of community politics and all of the important issues related to the City of Redondo Beach, including:

  • Allocation of financial resources of Redondo Beach
  • Upgrading our waterfront
  • Marine Life Protection Act
  • Responding to individual resident issues
  • How and why we should a oppose a new power plant
  • Removal of power lines