I love our friendly beach town character.  I first swam in the Seaside Lagoon in 1966 as an 8 year-old boy.  My community roots are deep, notably fighting over-development in Redondo Beach for the last 15 years – eight as a Council-member.

Like you, I see the dramatic increase in traffic and congestion from over-development.  Huge projects pushed by developers are spoiling our town and neighborhoods.  The Waterfront mall, Galleria, Legado and AES – all massive plans that will generate enormous amounts of new traffic while depleting City services.

As your next Mayor, I will fight to revitalize Redondo Beach without overdeveloping it, improve public safety, and eliminate government waste and cronyism that has been fueled by big money developers for far too long. The difficult tasks to accomplish require vision and community consensus building that prioritizes the people who live in Redondo Beach.

I’ve lived in the South Bay for 46 years – 24 in Redondo Beach.  I earned a BS in Chemical Engineering and Finance MBA from USC.  I’ve worked 38 years for a major airline at LAX.  I’m endorsed by many long-time residents and elected officials, but your vote is my most important endorsement.