Yes, its true, CenterCal supporters are now suing their neighbors in civil court to make life difficult for them. Its all baseless ticky-tack campaign filing details that have no merit, but we still have to hire lawyers and pay filing fees. They actually named me personally, my campaign, and even the volunteer Treasurer of my campaign. This required me to pay $1,305 just in filing fees for 3 defendants on complaints they already filed with the FPPC. NO, the City is not defending me on this suit (1 of 4 CenterCal is behind since they lost the election) because its a ‘personal lawsuit.’
Council Member Nils Nehrenheim and Rescue Our Waterfront are also being sued on the same complaint. Email me and I will send you a copy of the complaint in PDF.
In the meantime, come to a fundraiser for all three of us tonight at Sambas, 7-9pm. Its going to be fun!
Many thanks to those of you that have already donated. So appreciated! $1,300 is just the filing fee for this first response. Does not include attorney fees or other costs that will be incurred in what I’m told will take a year before settled. My goal for now is $10,000. If you can afford to help mail checks payable to:
Brand for Mayor – 2017
125 South Broadway
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
No need for separate legal defense fund on most recent advice from the FPPC because lawsuit is related to my campaign.